Everything feels upside down right now - I’m not going to lie there’s been some meltdowns ,overwhelm and sadness . We are living in some crazy times . I do feel very grateful to have a safe home and food and beautiful nature of the central coast , that being said I’m still feeling all the feeling around this.It’s been really beautiful to watch how community adapts to this crisis and how we can still come together . I taught my first online zoom class the other day and was moved to tears ( those who know me know that actually not hard To make me cry all the time lol) but it was so moving to see how grateful everyone was to see each other and say hi . My hope for all of this - is that we reallly really take a look at how we impact the environment, each other and our selfs . How do we want to move forward when we can go back to our normal lives . How can we be more tuned into nature and ourselves  and the greater good. We could live in fear and isolation or we could be kind , compassionate, generous and loving to all beings . I do my own practice on a daily basis to have more capacity to really live by these principles and know myself and know god . This is a time to dig deep , to turn in and trust that the wisdom and knowledge is within. Sending so much love , health and peace . Thank you thank you thank I love you ️ #spiritualmatience #sufferless #onebreathatatime #practice #love #community #service #keepitsacred #magicalawareness #yogaallthetime #mumbai #india