Yoga With Khristine


" Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self " - bhagavad gita

 Yoga gives me a way to take care of myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically .Formally a social worker with homeless youth in San Francisco, I found yoga as a way of self care. When I first started practicing I definitely had idea about myself and world that were very skewed.  The more I practiced, all of the labels started to fall away and my connection to myself and the world started to heal. After many years of hard living with "live fast, die young" attitude, I found my path! When we find our path and purpose everything falls into place and there is a sense of freedom and ease. 

In 2010 I completed a 200 hour vinyasa teacher training with Stephanie Snyder . After teacher training, I started practicing Ashtanga yoga with Magnolia Zuniga. Since then I have made 3 trips to Mysore, India to study with Sharath Jois at the Ashtanga Institute (KPJAYI). In 2015 I was authorized to teach the Ashtanga Yoga Method by my teacher Sharath Jois.  I fell in love with India with all of its contrast, bhakti and beauty. I studied meditation, chanting and philosophy while I was in India , and teach aspects of that throughout my classes. To me, yoga is so much more than just the asana practice.

I create a space that feels supportive and where you can be yourself. My vinyasa classes are rooted in Ashtanga with the tristana method of breath, bandha and drishti. I am eternally grateful for the refuge the practice provides for me and my students The mat becomes a reflection of what is happening with body, mind and heart in the world and in the yoga room. I believe in 8 limb yoga I practice and teach that in my daily life. It is a way to recharge and connect and to be of better service in the world. Thank you to all my teachers near and far: Sharath Jois, Magnolia Zuniga, Devorah Sacks,Stephanie Snyder


I teach public, private and corporate classes. My regular, weekly public class schedule is listed below. For
private or corporate lessons, please feel free to contact me for more information.

My classes incorporate all levels of Vinyasa flow, rooted in the Ashtanga practice.


9th Limb Yoga
845 Napa ave

Morro Bay, Ca

Traditional Mysore

Sunday 7-9am

Mon-Thur 6-9am

Friday Led Primary Series 10:30am

Tue 12-1:15pm Vinyasa

Thur 12-1:15pm Vinyasa 

Sun 10-11:30am   

Bhakti Flow

                           Slo-Op Climbing Gym 


                                  888 Ricardo Ct,

                                San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

                          Thursday 6pm Vinyasa flow


 New Mysore Program Central Coast!!!

Ashtanga Yoga comes from Mysore India and was started by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. It is a dynamic set of postures in a set series. The first series is designed to purify the body. When the practice is done consistently over a period of time the body becomes strong, light and mind gains clarity.

Mysore is a self led â€‹practice with a qualified teacher in the room giving adjustments, The students go at their own pace with practices of varying lengths and levels, beginning, intermediate and advanced. It allows students to go deeply into their own experience of the practice while still maintaining the essential and reassuring experience of a close relationship with a teacher.Beginner students welcome!

 Central Coast Ashtanga 

mon-thur   6-9am  at 9th Limb Yoga

Prices:Drop in $15

3 days a week $120

5 days a week $140

Fri 10:30am donation based Led Primary Series

No class on full/new moon days  -

     Khristine is authorized to teach Ashtanga Yoga from her teacher Sharath Jois in Mysore India.She is so grateful to be apart of this living tradition        and is excited to share it with the central coast!        

                                                                 Please email for questions​


It is rare to find a teacher who has an unquestionable faith in both you and your abilities.Rarer still to find in this same person someone who is happy to see you and makes you feel welcome. This defines Khristine Jones. 

-Wickie S.

Khristine embodies a balance of care for the body, encouraging words for the mind, and humor for the spirit. She proactively modifies poses to meet different needs; keeping her classes exciting, enjoyable and fulfilling. 

-Anita T.

Khristine Rocks! I have been practicing Yoga with Khristine Jones on a regular basis for almost 4 years. My practice has evolved in so many ways thanks to her! She stands out in a city of some of the best yoga teachers in the world. She is extremely technically competent, having studied extensively with some of the best and traveled to India, Bali, Thailand, etc. to increase her studies and exposure. Don't let the hard ass exterior fool you as she has a heart of gold. While she is tatted and pierced and colorful, she is also warm and loving and has a style that is best described as no nonsense. Her flow classes are the perfect balance of spiritual and emotional grounding and kick ass asana! Every class is different and she knows how to build up to more complex poses, allowing students to build confidence and advance in their practice. Khristine models what she preaches in every way. She is caring and supportive and always takes time to check in to see how we are feeling and doing. She models poses perfectly and gives great adjustments. I really love how she translates basic yogic philosophies into plain and relatable English. I love when she says things like "take a deep breath and exhale something that you've been holding onto that no longer serves you" or "you're not practicing yoga if you stand on your head in class then go out and act like a jerk outside". Her music is also the perfect balance of yoga, indie, and classic rock. You may hear everything from Bob Dylan to Radiohead to MC Yogi to Jai Uttal? all in the same class, which I love. She has a wonderful sense of humor and makes class fun. No matter how I feel when I start class, I always feel better after. She teaches that Yoga is not only what we do on the mat but how we live our life and behave out in the world. Practicing with Khristine has changed my life for the better! 

-Gail K